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Crappy Footwork

OK, having now taken the time to properly look at and digest the videos I posted, I can now tell you how crappy they are.

More honestly, how crappy I am.  The steps I am taking are far too large, ruining any good effect gained by me using true time motions.  The problem with large steps is that they take time, more time than short steps.  Because you are moving in reaction to your opponents movement, your movement must be smaller than his, else his movement will end before yours does.

I was able to get away with such poor footwork because I was moving fast, Reiver was moving slow, and not wholly in true time.  If he had been, I would have been a lot more hurt than I was.

The thing that disturbs me is that I was actively trying to take small steps, and I thought I was.

Hobbles would be the next order of business, but I think that might be a bit too kinky for some people.
Tags: footwork, true times
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