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Lack of training and True Times Rant

There was no LJH training this week, for some personal reasons, so nothing to report. I have, however, written a little spiel giving a brief background on True Times.

True Times, as described in the works of George Silver, are a critical component of successful attack and defence. This is true of any martial art, of any attack, and of any defence. If you do not move in a True Time, you place yourself at risk.

The essence of True Times is presenting a threat to your opponent. By doing this, you force them to take account of this threat, and they must defend against your attack. If they do not, they will be struck. Some people will suggest that if they attack you by moving faster, they will hit you first. This may be true, but they cannot stop you from hitting them. It is not a safe attack. (it also happens to not actually be true, and would never generate much power, but those are other matters)

The same concept applies when defending in True Time. You must present your defence first, or they will strike you. (And no, you will not become more powerful than they could imagine.)

George Silvers True Times are as follows:

Time of the Hand

Time of the Hand and Body

Time of the Hand, Body and Foot

Time of the Hand, Body and Feet

What this means in real terms is the order [video] in which the various parts of your body should move. If your body moves first, not only do you telegraph your intentions, but you move your body into range of your opponent before your attack is in range. This means that can strike you without fear of getting hit themselves. Your hand must move first to remain safe.

False Times are the opposite of these True Times.

Time of the Feet, Body, and Hand

Time of the Foot, Body and Hand

Time of the Body and Hand.

So if anyone steps up to hit you, punch them in the face. They can't stop you.
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