forjeh (forjeh) wrote,

MIssing cables and yet more economy

Again, lack of video strikes, and you all have to put up with more verbiage from me.  Bnonn brought his camera, but forgot to bring the cable, and I fogrgot to wipe my cameras memory, so used Bnonns.  Bnonn assured me his camera woudl take a stand USB cable though, so all was well.  Until, that it, I got home, to find that it while it does indeed take a standard USB cable, unfortunately, ours doesn't, it takes one of the mini ones.  So yeah, short on the goodies today.

Much improved turnout this evening, Patchy, Bnonn, Reiver, and I beating each other up, and throwing each other around.  This meant two sets of partners, except when I was taking video.  We started off by all working on our economy of movement, primarily in terms of stepping, though I was working on overall economy in my defence, taking a short step, and moving as litle as possible to still deflect the strike. 

We covered a range of topics within this discussion, including about how you must take a shorter step in your defence than your opponent does in his attack, and stepping so that your lead foot points in the direction of your momentum.  Patchy and I then moved up a notch, by me counter attacking after deflecting.  We also looked at slowing thigns right down, Colin's "arthritic old man".  This makes for a really relaxed strike that can generate s surpising amount of power.  This is a useful exercise to get people (or yourself) to stop "powering" their strikes.  Too much effort actually results in less force.

We then recapped the first weeks german wrestling move, and threw each other round till it was time to go home
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