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Back in the groove, kinda

Well, I'm not posting so much, and no video as yet, but my training is up on the upswing.  On Sunday I learned some more about English staff, and the first of english two handed sword.  Interestingly enough, while I found the first glimpse of english staff enlightening as regards my LJH work, the second one was less so.  In fact, I was interpreting it through my LJH lense, which may or may not be a good thing.

The two handed sword work, on the other hand, was much more of an eye opener to me.  It was frustrating how much difficulty I had with some of the footwork and sword handling, but it is good to have such challenges again.  It makes me work harder when I know I should know better.

I think I'll stick with it.  It makes more sense to me than the german, and english two handed sword pisses bnonn off.

My first LJH lesson taught in Auckland went well.  The students seemed reluctant to stop, so I'm taking that as a good sign.  A better sign is when the don't want to stop training 6 months from now.  I enjoyed it too, and the greater level of experience in the students is going to lift my game, and add valuable insight.   I'm going to be looking at a grading system too, and I plan to have the first assessment at the conference this year.

The gradings will be based on knowledge of the system, and martial ability will not be taken account of.  Tournaments will serve that purpose.  Advancing in the grades will only prove your knowledge and ability to transfer said knowledge to others.  It will confer no rank or respect other than what you can generate yourself.

If they're lucky, I might even have a pretty little certificate for them to frame.
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