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Daylight Savings = 1 hour less training if people forget...

Sunday was the third lesson in my developing curriculum, covering practical offence.  This was simply "how to cut at a target" as opposed to the simple "how to cut" we covered in Lesson 2.  It was interesting going over the mechanics of just how to cut, something that is often overlooked by people.  It was also interesting to look again at how similar the movements are for a thrust and a cut.  They both throw the arms out to langenort, but in subtly different way.  While the movements may end differently, the similarities are still there.  This provides options to the person who realises this, and enables them to change one to the other more easily, deceiving the opponent.

I also got to do some solo drills, thinking hard about the way I moved my feet, something I need to do more often.  It is good to step yourself through a seemingly easy movement, and actually pay attention to what your body is doing.  Critically analyse it, be harsh on yourself, until you get it right.  The next step, of course, is to show someone else and get them to point out where you're still going wrong ;)

Tags: cutting, drills, lessons
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